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Business Law.

Get access to expert attorneys, professional business advisors, pre-negotiated flat fees and state of the art negotiation systems in one place.

Our products offer a wide range of solutions.

Negotiation Portal

Combine powerful analytics and professional settlement communications to promote faster case resolution.

Nationwide Attorney Network

From coast to coast, our attorney network has your back.

Legal Services Purchase Order System

Never let corporate legal break your company’s budget. Maintain strict cost controls with Rocket Settle’s PO driven legal services procurement system.


Send private messages to your attorney, advisor, or the entire group. Connect with your team via instant messaging.

Pre-Negotiated “Flat” Legal Fees

In order to negotiate your claim from a position of strength, eliminating the guesswork on legal costs will give you the edge every time.

Case Calendar

Never lose sight of critical dates and events.

Reports & Analytics

View your corporate legal department from 30,000 feet with custom reports and detailed analytics. Drill down for the details.

Video Conferencing

Consult an attorney. Speak with your advisors. Set up an online mediation session when the time is right.

Settlement Library

Gain powerful intelligence with over a decade of past settlement data.

Benefits we offer Attorneys

Access 1,000's of small businesses already engaged in negotiations, restructuring and turnaround who need your services.

Receive electronic payment directly from customers.

Enhance your firm's efficiency by leveraging Rocket Settle's platform and full-time support team. Require less administrative staff, engage in more billable work, and assist businesses where they truly need your help.

Establish your firm's customized flat fee schedule and make adjustments over time as necessary.

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